Logan: His time has come

Introducing lovable Logan to Paintedhorse

When we moved to our new location in April, there were two ponies already there. Their then owner didn’t have the time needed for them and their health issues; we offered to buy them about a month later, naturally with the view of introducing them to our herd. We were due to launch our joint venture as a Community Interest Company around this time, but our marketing and administration time was instead spent on their rehabilitation which took longer than we anticipated.  However, 3 months on and we are very excited to be introducing them to the whole herd shortly, but first we would like to introduce one of these ponies to you.  Meet Logan, our wounded healer.

Equine ReWilding, Paintedhorse, EFL, EAL, EFP, Equine Therapy, Healing Herd
Logan, 10 year old, Gypsy cob

Logan was quite a misunderstood young man who came with a few warnings about behaviour and that it could be dangerous particularly in the stable.  We observed that he struck with his front feet before any other communication when he met the bigger members of our herd over the fence.  We knew then we would have to wait until his front shoes came off to limit any injuries to the others. In the mean time he would get to know us, his routine, what was expected of him and have time it takes to gain confidence/lose his fear (which we both felt was the issue with any aggression).

The dentist aged him as 12 and noted a few teeth receding due to his restricted grazing muzzle. We had already decided to remove this for a few reasons, communication and safety probably the main ones. Having a pink nose that had been in a black muzzle for a couple of years it was important he had sunblock on or a face mask with UV protection that covered his nose.  Our farrier had met him before at a riding school and warned us he was prone to laminitis and currently had seedy toe. He made remedial shoes for him and gave us some daily treatment to be painted on both sides. We decided to get him in a routine of living out 24/7, muzzle free, and some of that time was spent off the grass in the round pen with various environmental enrichment. We offered him herbs and essential oils, and picked various forage around the meadow to support his health and well-being.

Equine ReWilding, Paintedhorse, EFL, EAL, EFP, Equine Therapy, Healing HerdOur friend Jo Dutfield, a gifted medium and healer, came to visit and Logan told her a few things about his past which actually brought us all to tears.  He had the scars and the behaviour of a horse that had been through some trauma, but it was sad to hear his account of his life so far and as a result he didn’t much like people. He actually thought he was in the round pen to be bought for meat. Jo didn’t waste any time in telling him he was safe, that we just wanted him to be a horse, part of a bigger herd once we had his shoes off and got him feeling better.  Jo mentioned that later on, if he wanted, he could help people that had been through abuse and trauma like he had. He replied he would like that.

We had also been told Logan had Equine Metabolic Syndrome but had not seen any paperwork to support this. We spoke to our holistic vet, and she advised us accordingly and things are improving. Every time Logan walked his knees clicked, we wondered if this was connected to his story about being forced to jump but not having the body for that. Jo’s spirit guides had said his body was old before its time, and also informed us that Logan was suffering with a stomach ulcer caused emotionally. We tried gut balancers from Feedmark and thunderbrooks which improved his coat immediately (skin/hair condition being one of the first physical signs of emotional stress). We continued with herbs and oils, targeting the issues we had been informed about and painted his hooves daily.  Logan also has a bit of Equine Touch which is similar to Bowen for horses. Logan’s muscles around his bottom changed to look more like they should as he was moving around more, he also started to self select his own forage in the hedgerows and began to take breaks from eating grass as he began to believe he wouldn’t be starved.  He is now out on grass 24/7 and looking well in himself.

Equine ReWilding, Paintedhorse, EFL, EAL, EFP, Equine Therapy, Healing Herd
Logan’s hoof progress each month

It was nice to hear other people on the yard who knew him before we arrived, say that he was a very different horse now and that they could like him as they felt safer. We gave our visitors and clients the option of meeting him after their Equine ReWilding sessions, noone refused and only had positive comments to say about him. The lady pictured above wanted to take him home with her. Logan seemed to take the compliments in and now has a noticeable sparkle in his eyes.  We are so pleased that his shoes have finally come off today (see above), and that we are inviting Jo back this week to help us communicate with all the horses as they are introduced into the same territory.  We would like this to go as smoothly as possible for Logan particularly to keep his new found self-confidence.

If you are due to see us soon, you will now be seeing more of this beautiful big hearted chap who is already a firm favourite.


July ReWilded

Equine ReWilding Talk & Taster Sessions

A small selection of photos from our evening talk at Ilminster Positive Living Group, whom we would like to thank personally, along with Jo Dutfield who runs the group and everyone who came along that evening and those that came to one of our Equine ReWilding taster sessions in July.  Thank you also to Claudia (Paintedhorse’s extended team member) for volunteering your services. With the money we have made from the talk and tasters this month we will now be able to fund 3 sessions of Equine Therapy for those in need and on low income.  Thank you from the Paintedhorse team x

The Magnificent Seven

Connect and run free

As some readers may recall, pony herd (Ulha, Grace and Hope) were flooded out earlier this year and consequently in temporary accommodation until things dried out a bit on the levels.  There was an addition to the herd with Welsh boy Jac in April and with that a move to a bigger location in Meare, Glastonbury.  The horse herd (Danny, Gunner and Prada) joined the ponies at the new location in June.

Jo Dutfield, Equine Therapy, Well being, Glastonbury, EFL, ReWilding, Animal Communication
Ulha, Hope and Grace get ready to take a seat

Not long afterwards Paintedhorse had a lovely and very informative visit from Jo Dutfield, a gifted medium who can communicate with animals.  Jo came to meet the herd for a chill out day, and the horses took it in turns to talk with her about various things.  At one stage several of the ponies took over the picnic area.  Jo confirmed that the herd has individual gifts and skills to help people with their emotional well-being, they each represent archetypes and different ancestors in bloodlines.  Since the visit, the herd has a much a stronger unity than before.  In ReWilding Bonanza their moment of heading into the meadow as a herd was captured.

Amongst other things Jo organises the Ilminister Positive Living group which promotes positive change by having inspirational speakers and workshops for those in the community and beyond.  Our very own Livvy will be doing a talk and workshop on 19th July at Horton Village hall, Horton, Ilminster starting at 1930hrs if you are interested please click on the link and let Jo know you are going.  Livvy will ask for 2 equine volunteers for the talk, it’ll be interesting to see who steps forward.

Drum ‘n’ Grace

The Heartbeat of Mother Earth

A drum is a voice, alive and with feelings as with any voice.
When it speaks, then we must listen and honour the message with our best and noble selves, for it is a voice with great power and it is a voice that is a gift to us from a greater being. If we do this, then our lives will be full and happy.

If we do not listen but pay disrespect, then our lives will have dishonour.

– Louis W. Ballard, Quapaw-Cherokee

Goddess of Epona and Cerridwen

Celebrate Beltane together

Beltane Paintedhorse Equine Therapy Priestess of Cerridwen
Danny’s turn to have a roll at the end of Beltane celebrations


Bee Helygen, Priestess of Cerridwen and her student priestesses including our own Livvy Adams, celebrated Beltane on the magical lands of Avalon.  Calling in the Goddess of Cerridwen for the celebration of Beltane, heralding the start of the summer, love and the union of Goddess and God – Bee admitted to falling in love with our charmer Danny who often presents himself to work with people in Equine Therapy.  During the calling in process, the horses at Paintedhorse appeared to call in their own collective wisdom, perhaps from the Goddess Epona who was said to be the protectors of all horses, ponies, donkeys and other equines.  The power of horses was felt by Bee and students and this added to the magic of the evening.  At the end of the session it was an amazing sight to see the horses have a roll on the land one by one.

Be with the Herd

Feel the connection

Paintedhorse Anxiety Young Person Equine Therapy EFL LEAP
Hope spends some quiet time with a young person dealing with anxiety

paintedhorse reiki equine healing glastonbury Juniper Natural therapies
Ulha stood close to where a client was having Reiki and afterwards gave her own healing

Equine Facilitated & Experiential Learning

Spend time with the herd. Ground yourself in nature. Listen to birds. Break out of your busy mind and become aware of your body, in all its honesty. Listen. Connect. Stand with the herd. Sit with the herd. Be part of the herd. Feel their connection – to you, to each other, to everything around them – and if its time to move feet run with them…

Welsh Boy Jac

Moving home and welcoming Jac to paintedhorse

Jac a grey Welsh Cross pony with an Arab tail, big dark eyes and narrow shoulders has now joined the Paintedhorse herd.  Jac spelt the Welsh way, will be the only gelding for several more weeks until the big horses Danny, Gunner and Prada are moved to join them.  Jac has instantly bonded with Ulha who is more or less his height and size.  Herd positioning was sorted out overnight without much ado. Jac came from a position of moving everyones feet in his last herd, to having his feet moved by just Ulha in his new one. The curious and lovable Dartmoors Grace and Hope, have had mixed reactions from Jac. Grace the little firecracker was a good friend of Ulha’s and has now taken to mutual grooming him too, she doesn’t let height become any issue.  Gentle Hope keeps a bit more of a distance as she’s not been invited closer at the moment.  At 18 years old Jac is a veteran, so it was a surprise to find there was life in the old boy yet!

Thanks to Jen Bradburn for the featured image of Jac above.

Paintedhorse junier natural therapies equine therapy learnng healing
Jac meeting Ulha in their new field
Paintedhorse equine therapy learning somerset
The Dartmoors joining the herd
Paintedhorse Livvy Adams George McBurney Healing Herd Equine Therapy Learning Healing
Jac and Grace
Paintedhorse equine therapy learning healing
Jac and Ulha having a moment…
Paintedhorse equine capers
…and the kids walk in!

Horses for Heroes

Army veteran connects with Danny

Out of our Paintedhorse team Danny came forward to offer his equine wisdom and warmth to an Army veteran adjusting to life on civvie street and awaiting a further operation on his back.  Danny was fidgety at first and when it was acknowledged that the client had some ‘anxiety’ he became still.  Danny then spent some quiet time with his human client helping him feel ‘calm and grounded’, and even nuzzled an old leg injury on the client before relaxing his own leg.  As the session progressed Danny began to show his client where he liked to be stroked, namely around his ears which brought with it a lighter, maybe even cheekier atmosphere.  After the session, the others came back over and Prada so taken with the aroma of the clients cup of tea that she tried to stick her nose in the cup for a sip. Always nice to finish a session with some laughter.

Capture the Moment in Sound

Intuitively played and heartfelt by our horses

Writer and flautist Britta E Potter came to visit us today with one of her favourite Native American flutes.  Britta who writes a popular blog called Capture the Moment in Words didn’t need words, as instead she Captured the Horses in Sound.

Britta who has been attuned into Reiki I also gave our horses some Reiki healing and in exchange they gave her some equine healing.  Britta hopes to do her Reiki II with Equine involvement in the summer months here at Paintedhorse.  If anyone is interested in Equine Healing, Reiki healing or becoming a Reiki student or practitioner we are now taking bookings from March 2017.

Essential Oil Therapy

Workshops for horse and dog owners

Next month we have Georgie McBurney from Juniper Natural Therapies visiting to run 2 days of Essential Oil Therapy Workshops (for beginners) here at Paintedhorse, Glastonbury. The workshops will be held on Sat 4th March for Equine Owners and Sun 5th March for Dog Owners. Each workshop costs £80 and is complete in itself, but if you happen to have horses and dogs, and would like to do both days we are applying a 25% discount saving you £40.  If you are interested in booking a place please contact us.

Georgie has been working with essential oils, base oils, macerated oils, dried herbs and clays and animals for seven years when she first set up Juniper alongside her day job as a science teacher. George has a BSc (Hons) in Animal Science (Behaviour & Welfare) and has had the opportunity to work with a variety of wild and domestic animals.

George recalls one of her first case studies during training was a horse called Boycee who had been injured on barbed wire at the Horse Sanctuary she had volunteered at.  Noone else was there when she popped in.  Immediately she felt Boycee was asking her to come over to his field and when she got closer she realised why. His leg was bleeding and it looked as though he had cut it on some barbed wire. George ran back to the car to get her essential oils kit. Boycee who can be a bit unpredictable untied was happy to stand still over George inhaling the oils from her hand as she made up a clay dressing.  He relaxed, hung his head low and rested his back foot. She took a photo of the injury and sent it to the sanctuary owner who was on his way. Blood came through the first layer of clay, so she applied another coat over the top using the same theory she had been taught in the Army with first field dressings. The third coat finally stopped the bleeding.

Essential Oil Therapy Juniper Natural Therapies Paintedhorse Somerset Injury Herbs Zoopharmacognosy

“It was because of this case study”, George says “that I wanted to make sure when I teach workshops to owners that they come away knowing how to use the oils in common situations that can present themselves when you own animals. For example, I knew yarrow would stop bleeding, but I was faced with a cut to the top of the leg, a 5ml brown bottle of yarrow and gravity”. George taught the owner of the sanctuary how to make up the clay fresh and which oils to offer to inhale/lick and dried remedies to offer to help repair and boost the immune system. You can see the progress of the wound above.

As some of you may know, we have had our own injury at Paintedhorse with Gunner recently and a gate post. The vet was required in our case as it was a more serious wound and the puncture was close to the bone. Gunner has had a variety of complimentary treatments, alongside Essential Oil Therapy, he has been cold hosed, worn magnetic boots and had time with a massage pad on. He is making a speedy recovery and may go for a walk/ride this week.