Autumn ReWilding

With beautiful blue skies, fresh autumn weather and mud laden fields, the herd prepare for the winter. The winter solstice is now only a few weeks away, when, in the northern hemisphere, the Holly king famously gives way to the Oak King and our dark nights begin to get shorter and life in the hedgerows [...]

The Divine Number 12

Gods, Disciples, Tribes, Zodiac, Stages, Oracles, Rivers, Chakras, Glyphs The 12 horses of Paintedhorse "How did all the horses and ponies end up at Paintedhorse?" The story behind our most asked question   Livvy bought Danny, a hunter, to ride. He was an impulse buy as she was suffering with empty 'stable' syndrome after losing [...]

Calendar Fundraiser

CALLING LOCAL BUSINESSES, WE NEED YOUR HELP - PLEASE SPONSOR OUR FUNDRAISING CALENDAR We are looking for help from local businesses in and around Glastonbury to sponsor one of our calendar pages for 2018 and in return you get to solely advertise your business on a banner style advert at the bottom of the calendar [...]

Animal Communication Weekend Workshop

We are very excited to be inviting you to join us for a wonderful weekend coming up in November with Medium and Healer Jo Dutfield who will be collaborating with Paintedhorse to bring a new and powerful way of communicating with our animal allies. Focusing on our 6 senses to develop the confidence, trust and [...]

Living with a progressive illness

Logan is diagnosed with Equine Cushing's Disease: By the time Logan was introduced to the herd he was looking healthier than when we first bought him, but suddenly his new found vitality and physical appearance changed for the worse. He was overly sweaty, not just in places that a few of the other more hairy [...]