Happy New Year

On the last day of 2017, we look back at what this year has held for us at Paintedhorse and we look forward to what awaits in 2018.

Charity and Not for Profit

We supported charity Key4Life by providing Equine Therapy for their programme designed for their ‘At Risk’ groups at Dartington Hall and HQ in Somerset, and their young offenders programme within HMP/YOI Portland Prison (Dorset) and HMP Guys Marsh (Dorset). We also provided Equine Therapy sessions for charity staff to enable them to have the experience of the work horses can do.

We became a Community Interest Company (not for profit) in May and were able to provide sessions for those in need due to funds made at workshops held this year. We also had a lot of lovely supporters financially help with our Logan Appeal when he was diagnosed with PPID and our winter hay appeal.

In Print

Our blog Portland Prison Blues caught the attention of author and explorer Jenny Chapman who was collating work for her latest book called ‘Enchanted Beings’. Jenny interviewed Livvy and published a chapter about her work and also the poem ‘The Tree in the Orchard’ Georgie had written about the young men who had written their wishes on ribbons, tied into the manes of the horses who carried them out to the world outside.

We also got published into Horsemanship Magazine, our first article (103) explaining the concept of Equine ReWilding and our following article (104) on herd introduction of Epona and Logan using animal communication. We hope to have our third article on Equine Touch and how its helped our herd here.

We are also looking forward to being published in Feb 2018 by Lynda Watson in Equine Leadership and CreateWriteNow in Jan.

A Growing Herd

At the start of the year, Livvy was a sole business owner with 3 horses (Danny, Gunner, Prada) and 3 ponies (Ulha, Hope, Grace), in April Georgie moved to Glastonbury with Jac which made a herd of 7. Epona and Logan were already at the farm and were bought a month later, and a couple of months after some rehabilitation they were introduced into the main herd. Epona thrived, whilst Logan deteriorated and this lead to the diagnosis of PPID and he was taken out of the herd to have a less stressful time. Rio destined to be a companion for another horse at the farm, came to Logan’s side instead and they buddied up very well, Rio is a very gentle laid back pony. A month later two Gypsy cobs needed rehoming due to their owners health issue and they joined Logan and Rio in a herd of 4. Next year, we shall see what happens with land recovery, personalities within the herd and health issues but would look to getting the herd together or at least in neighbouring fields so they can socialise and clients can walk between the two herds easier.

ReWilding and Meditations

This is our first year in business and being on a budget we did not have the equipment that is normally used in Equine Facilitated/Assisted Learning and Psychology. As we ‘made do’ with the herd and nature, we realised that is all we actually need, and so our work moved into Equine and Eco ReWilding. Being in Glastonbury there are often groups that are totally up for meditations and drumming to connect to their higher selves and with the herd. It has been so amazing to watch the horses respond to people who have done a lot of inner work. The herd work so incredibly well in healing individuals or groups, and feedback from people about this ability still takes us by surprise. It took a while, but we now realise that we have given the herd the space to ReWild and heal themselves and in doing so they can effectively work with people to help them achieve the same.

Equine Touch & Animal Communication Collaborations

Our herd are often used in Equine Touch workshops by Instructor Lyn Palmer who owns the farm the herd live on. We got together for a workshop in the summer which introduced Equine Touch to Equine Therapy practitioners, and Equine ReWilding to Equine Touch practitioners. Then we connected with our own practitioners to share good practice and refresh on skills.

We also got together with Jo Dutfield to host an Animal Communication workshop where people learnt about the art of communication on a slightly different level than most of us are used to and then practised on a photo before going out to communicate with the herd. The herd by default, worked on rewilding people at the same time.

Vibrational Essences & Winter Warmer

The winter solstice was an amazing experience this year. We met Casey Jon and Sophie Knock who came along to co-create a vibrational essence for Equine and Eco ReWilding for our clients to take home. We are really looking forward to working with this in 2018.

We had to move the herd off the levels due to how flooded the land has been, so we have retreated onto concrete under communal shelters, stables for those a little bit too cantankerous for smaller communal spaces and half the hay barn. We held our winter warmer from the hay barn and although we picked a day with severe weather warnings we ourselves were very lucky it stayed dry particularly at this time of year.

Website & Social media

We launched our website a year ago and we have had an incredible 4830 hits on it so far, we also launched a FB business page where 260 lovely people have joined and supported us on this journey. We also have an Instagram account where lots of beautiful photographs of the herd are posted, and next year we are thinking of having an exhibition of some of the best ones.

Here’s a look back at 2017…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Wishing you all the best for the year ahead. Thanks for your support and we look forward to seeing you soon xxx

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