Fundraising: Winter Hay Appeal

If you would like to help us this winter with a small donation towards bales of hay or straw, this would be much appreciated. A six string bale this winter now costs £37.50 and this would normally last us about 4-5 days. The same sized straw this winter has gone up to £45. Every donation makes a difference and helps us do the work we do.



Fundraising: Logan’s Appeal

PPID or Cushing’s disease is a progressive disease that effects the pituitary gland and consequently effects the endocrine and nervous system. At present has no cure, but can be managed with a dopamine therapy drug called Prascend. The drug costs approx. £60 every month based on Logan's current dosage of 1 tablet x daily. This drug regulates the hormonal levels and can mean that horses have extended and better quality lives than they had in the past. Logan is only 10. If you would like to help us support and manage his health for as long he is enjoying a quality of life, then we appreciate any help towards the cost of his therapy.


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