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Friends of Paintedhorse – support others receiving Equine Therapy

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If you would like to support our work in improving emotional resilience and well-being within the community you could become a ‘friend of paintedhorse’.  With a suggested monthly donation of £5-15 a month you would help provide regular low cost equine therapy for those in need.  As a thank you for your support we invite you to our bi-annual ‘friends of Paintedhorse’ open days so you can spend time with our healing herd. Each open day there will also be a small variety of healing therapies you may like to try. Refreshments will be available.

Join the Herd Days – regular time with horses and nature for you


By popular request from previous clients, we now offer an opportunity for previous clients who just like spending time in the company of horses, ‘sitting in nature‘ and ‘just connecting to what is important’ on various dates each month.  This time is therapeutic, but it is not a private therapy session (which are facilitated by practitioners for individuals or groups).  For £15 you can spend up to 2 hours in nature with horses and ponies just being part of their herd.  You are welcome to bring a blanket or borrow one of our camping chairs to sit down and relax just as you are or bring a book – you could even read to one to the horses.  The little Dartmoors may get a little curious so things could get a little ‘interactive’ but that is all part of the herd experience and there is always staff around for those who are more nervous. If anyone wants to get involved in the ‘mindfulness’ practice of poo picking, you are very welcome. Money generated will help us buy equipment for our business as it progresses. In the month of October any money generated will go to our Logan appeal (see below).

See Join the Herd dates.

Sponsor a horse/ponyhelp us with the upkeep of our equine team

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For a suggested £5-15 a month, you will help us with the upkeep of your favourite horse or pony.  Horses need daily care, which can be costly and can depend on uncontrollable variables. Hay/feed/bedding prices can change frequently depending on the weather and other factors. Regular or annual health and care checks with dentist, farrier and vet among other professionals are costly.

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As a thank you for your help, you will receive a sponsor pack which includes:

  • A photograph of your chosen equine
  • A certificate detailing your chosen equines story
  • Regular updates via our biannual newsletter
  • A paintedhorse memento
  • An opportunity to visit your chosen friend at one of our open days

Logan’s Appeal – Help us fund treatment for Equine Cushing’s Disease

Logan Bear

Special thank you to the following supporters for Logan’s appeal (Sep 2017):

  • Martin Surrey £30 donation
  • Kirsty Down £10 donation – “It’s fab what you do and I hope Logan continues to get help with his treatment x”
  • Rachel Vincent £10 donation – “You guys do a fab job with all your ponies and it’s nice to see such kindness and love being shown! ❤️🐴”
  • Matthew Brady £50 donation
  • Neil Bradley £30 donation – “Keep up the good work :)”
  • Julie Chant £30 donation – ” “Hope this helps”
  • Suzzanna Barnes £40 – “This should seal the deal for Herr Logan. He’s come a long way already and can’t wait to see him soon. Wishing him well. 💗”

We have enough funding for 4 months worth of Pergolide for Loggie bear which gets us through for the rest of the year. He is responding well so far, blood test in Oct to check the dosage is right. Thanks for all your support xxx