Wilderness Within on the Winter Solstice

At the solstice the ‘sun stands still’ as sunrise and sunset are at their extreme points on the horizon for about three days. In the UK during winter solstice (between 20-22 Dec, but usually 21st) the sun its at its extreme lowest point and it barely rises, lights or warms the Earth before disappearing again making it the darkest of days or the longest of nights. When it seems the life of the land is at its lowest, the Holly King gives way to his brother the Oak King who brings forth the eternal spirit of life awaiting rebirth in the spring. And the Green man smiles at his evergreen leaves reminding us of everlasting life, whilst his red berries and seeds remind of the promise of new life in the Spring.

It was on the winter solstice this year that Paintedhorse had a visit from beautiful souls Casey Jon and Sophie Knock who each make essences to help heal and empower people and animals. With water from the white spring and the red spring of Avalon, we were invited to co-create a special Vibrational Essence; which included gifts and healing from each member of our herd and also from all other beings and souls who share their land and space. The horses and ponies were full of play during the process and even on the shortest day the sun made its presence felt as it lit up the winter clouds during the process. This new Vibrational Essence will be available next year and is intended to help those who come to work with our herd connect to their Wilderness Within and continue working with them when they return home.

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