Equine ReWilding

Connect with your inner wisdom with the help of an equine ally

What is Equine ReWilding?

ReWilding is about getting back to basics, letting go of the excess and tapping back into the things that are genuinely important to life.  Desmond Morris, zoologist and author of The Naked Ape (1967) made reference to humans living in cities and towns not living in concrete jungles, but more like concrete zoos.  As a species the majority of us have become so disconnected from our environment, working in artificial conditions, consuming artificial food and drink, and often preferring to communicate artificially too.   What happens externally is often a reflection of what is presented internally.  Most of us spend a great deal of time in our minds and less time in our bodies.  As our bodies don’t lie to us, they may be trying to tell us to slow down, change jobs, eat better, take care of ourselves, walk in nature etc. Often we ignore these messages as we feel we can’t make time or changes and often disconnect so we can continue as before.  The messages from our body sometimes have to get louder until we are forced to listen.

Equine ReWilding is about using equine wisdom to help us connect back to our own inner wisdom.  Equines as a prey species have evolved to pick up on subtle energies of members in their herd and of predators in the area.  They know if a predator has the intention of hunting in that moment or not.  Domesticated horses that are kept as naturally as possible, allowed to have a voice, time and space to be a horse and a member of the herd are able to tap into this wild collective wisdom.  Just spending time in the herd and in nature reminds us about tapping into our own.  The therapeutic relationship with an equine ally is similar to Gestalt Counselling Therapy in that horses encourage us to be in the ‘Here and Now’, and being present is both comforting and grounding. Communication and connection comes through body language, thoughts and energy, which can be particularly interesting in group work.

Who is Equine ReWilding for?

Paintedhorse work with adults and young persons on a one-to-one basis, on partnership work between couples, and other pairings e.g. mother/daughter, father/son, siblings etc. and with groups for team building and for employers looking to maximise their teams potential.

What are the benefits of Equine ReWilding?  

  • Letting go of limiting beliefs/behaviours
  • Learning the art of clear and effective communication
  • Learning how to say no easily and effectively & other boundary work
  • Developing self worth and self trust or self esteem
  • Developing confidence or courage to make decisions
  • Personal development
  • Learning to love your shadow self
  • Challenge to conditions enforced by circumstances or surroundings

How much are Equine ReWilding Sessions? How many will I need? 

Cost depends on the individual, pair or group. The following is a rough guide to pricing:

  • Taster Sessions, 2 hours – £20 (small group)
  • Individual Sessions, 1.5 – 2 hours – £80.
  • Pair work Sessions, 1.5 – 2 hours – £45 each.
  • Small Group Work, approx. 3 hours – £40 each.
  • For larger groups costs depend upon staff required to host safely and therapeutically, and upon catering requirements.

For previous clients ‘who just want to spend time with our horses’ you may be interested in our ‘Join the Herd days‘.  £15 for up to 2 hours.

How many sessions depends on what you would like to explore.  Sessions can be designed as stand alone, to complement ongoing counselling therapy now and again or a structured and creative programme designed to meet individual needs. If you wish to explore a particular issue/topic in your life such as childhood scripts, relationship, suppressed emotions such as anger or grief etc. then we recommend 6-8 individual sessions.  We are client centred so the length of an agreed programme will be regularly reviewed as it progresses.

If funding is an issue please discuss with us, we are newly a CIC and are in the process of applying for grants and funding to help us offer our services low cost or free.  We have fund-raised ourselves and have some sessions available for those in need.

Paintedhorse offers bespoke workshops designed around your needs. 

If you are in a position help us provide our service to our community at a lower cost, please get in touch.

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