Horses for Heroes

Army veteran connects with Danny

Out of our Paintedhorse team Danny came forward to offer his equine wisdom and warmth to an Army veteran adjusting to life on civvie street and awaiting a further operation on his back.  Danny was fidgety at first and when it was acknowledged that the client had some ‘anxiety’ he became still.  Danny then spent some quiet time with his human client helping him feel ‘calm and grounded’, and even nuzzled an old leg injury on the client before relaxing his own leg.  As the session progressed Danny began to show his client where he liked to be stroked, namely around his ears which brought with it a lighter, maybe even cheekier atmosphere.  After the session, the others came back over and Prada so taken with the aroma of the clients cup of tea that she tried to stick her nose in the cup for a sip. Always nice to finish a session with some laughter.