Goddess of Epona and Cerridwen

Celebrate Beltane together

Beltane Paintedhorse Equine Therapy Priestess of Cerridwen
Danny’s turn to have a roll at the end of Beltane celebrations


Bee Helygen, Priestess of Cerridwen and her student priestesses including our own Livvy Adams, celebrated Beltane on the magical lands of Avalon.  Calling in the Goddess of Cerridwen for the celebration of Beltane, heralding the start of the summer, love and the union of Goddess and God – Bee admitted to falling in love with our charmer Danny who often presents himself to work with people in Equine Therapy.  During the calling in process, the horses at Paintedhorse appeared to call in their own collective wisdom, perhaps from the Goddess Epona who was said to be the protectors of all horses, ponies, donkeys and other equines.  The power of horses was felt by Bee and students and this added to the magic of the evening.  At the end of the session it was an amazing sight to see the horses have a roll on the land one by one.