Equine ReWilding Group Sessions:

Equine ReWilding, Paintedhorse, EFL, EAL, EFP, Equine Therapy, Healing Herd

“Thank you so much for a lovely day today with your herd. It was such a treat to spend time just ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’.  Wishing you all the best with Paintedhorse at your lovely facilities.” – Sarah Paton Briggs, IFEAL Senior Practitioner.

“I really enjoyed the taster session. thank you xx” – Robyn Back

“Had such a lovely time with you all!” – Madeline Walker, Animal Communicator & Spiritual Coach.  

“An amazing morning, today I learnt to face my fears and anything is possible. Thank you so much to Livvy and the team and the wonderful horses who are the healing herd xx” – Carole Lade

Equine ReWilding, EFL, EFP, Equine Therapy, Somerset, Paintedhorse

“I find it difficult just being, so I really enjoyed it when you gave us the mandala to do as I could focus on that and the equine work happened in my perifery.” – Olivia Goodman

“This was so much more than I anticipated, I thought we were just going to meet some horses and have a look around the place ” – Emma Finch

“Thank you so much to both of you and the herd for a wonderful couple of hours. It was most enjoyable and I’m still contemplating my message from Prada!” – Jenny Chapman

One to One Sessions:

“Amazing and beautiful day with Livvy and Georgie at Paintedhorse 💜 such incredible healing horses and a truly powerful experience. Loved sharing this wonderful day with my girl Charlotte ❤️  You’re both such an inspiration 💜 and so are your beautiful healing horses. Xxx can’t wait to visit again soon xxx”  – Jo Dutfield

“Remember Jac indicated in one of my sessions that suggested something sexually abusive…well he was right, I had completely forgotten my past as I was focusing on short term memories. I’ve started a year of counselling and as part of it I’ve dealt with previous sexual assaults and rape experiences that I had hidden away and forgotten. But he knew, so thank you Jac, I’ve dealt with it now but you helped me so much. xx” – Name withheld

“Through a work colleague I was invited to meet a herd of ponies (one of whom was Jac, who is now with the paintedhorse herd). I saw it as an opportunity to overcome a lifelong irrational fear of what I perceived as unpredictable behaviour and discovered my natural instinct was to gravitate to the lowest in the pecking order of the herd. I hadn’t appreciated the deeply insightful and spiritual existence ponies have. Time spent with these beautiful creatures is not only about tranquillity, but also about learning some of your deepest, hidden thoughts and fears; confronting them with gentle companion is a must for anyone.” – Suzzanna Barnes

Join the Herd Mornings:

Meet the herd, Paintedhorse, Equine Therapy, counselling, Somerset

“Thank you so much for a lovely morning with the ponies x “- Andrea Fidgeon

The Healing Herd, Paintedhorse, Meet the herd, Glastonbury, Equine Therapy

Photo of Hope taken by Carole with the following testimonial:

“A lovely morning with the healing herd. Bless her, she was so relaxed she nodded off and fell over, but all good. Then onto Ham Wall for a walk round, a day like today makes you realise just how fortunate you are. Thanks Livvy and Georgie and of course the wonderful herd xx”




Winter Warmer

“I really enjoyed being with the horses today. They are so lovely and seemed to help me through some mental blocks to make progress with a project that I was putting off. It was great to meet you ladies too and I look forward to the next time. Tell Epona she’s fabulous! That was such a lovely connection with her xxx” – Alyson Black

Animal Communication Workshop (with Jo Dutfield)

ANimal Communcation, Paintedhorse, Equine Therapy, EFL, ReWilding

“Thank you for a fantastic time….. So much love for yours and Livvy’s beautiful horses. They are truly amazing xxx” – Catherine Ball

“I Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Livvy, Georgie, Lyn & Jo for such a wonderful weekend . I had such a wonderful time in such wonderful company, lots of wonderfulness and wildness to be had. So privileged to spend my weekend in such amazing company, 2 legged and 4 !! xxxxxx” – Claudia Dudd

“What a wonderful weekend, you are all very lovely folk. Wonderful teaching Jo, wonderful hosting Lyn and wonderful inspiration Livvy and Georgie. I’m really looking forward to more connecting with you all and future projects. Much love to the beautiful horses especially Prada (Ayehwa to me!) and Logan ❤” – Sarah Turner

“Incredible wkend with the most fabulous group of special souls & very Talented teachers !!! 🌈🌏🦋❤️🦄 Thank you all so much xxxxxxxx” – Jo Fitzjohn

“Thank you so much for the weekend. Feel privileged to be a part of group of wonderful ladies and very privileged to experience the communication with the beautiful herd especially Gunner for the healing. Looking forward to meeting everyone again in the future. Thank you Jo, Livvy, Georgie, Lyn not forgetting Stanley. X” – Elizabeth Barathy

“Hi all great to spend an awesome weekend developing our skills in communicating with our animal friends! I look forward to connecting more with you all in the future!” – Anna-Saqquara Price

“Wow, what an amazing weekend. Thank you all so much especially Jo, Lyn, Livvy, Georgie and lovely to meet all of you other amazing ladies. Well I wasn’t expecting to be putting into practice what I had learnt immediately! This morning I thought I would meet a friend and go for a chilled walk along the cliff path, with my puppy. Little did I realise I would encounter some wild ponies who bolted towards me! I breathed, explained we were just passing by and not a threat, they let us pass and we were safe to continue. Had I not learnt and experienced what I did over the weekend this could have been a very different story. I am very grateful and did not feel the rush of panic that I would have normally, even in relatively close proximity! These ponies came up to two ft in front of me! Thank you so much xx” – Liz Thomas

Practitioners Day: The Equine Touch & Equine ReWilding

ET EFL meet

“Great day on Saturday investing in myself and my development. Half a day of Equine Rewilding with Paintedhorse and their amazing herd of horses. Livvy and Georgie were great guides, creating a safe space and the opportunity for us to be with the horses in their natural environment. What a gift to have the chance to just be in the moment with the herd and allow what is within to emerge. Then half a day of Equine Touch with the brilliant Lyn Palmer who introduced us to the idea of a non invasive, holistic bodywork system which I can imagine would be a great benefit to the therapy herd. I was so interested in this I took myself off for a session of the human version (VHT) yesterday to see what it was like. My neck and back are definitely much looser today!  I love learning… about myself and ways to help others (people and animals!) Horses make great partners on the learning journey ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ What a fab day! Thank you all. Great rewilding taster, really got a lot from your wonderful herd. And loved the Equine Touch intro!” Xx – Nikki Millard

“Great to meet you yesterday and experience how you both work. You have both encouraged me to continue with my plans with my workshop. You have a beautiful herd and loved hearing their stories and the loving way you work with them. I’m looking forward to welcoming yourself and Liv to the forest to meet my boys.” – Maxine Smith

“Just wanted to say a Big Thank you to you all again for such a wonderful day yesterday !! It was an absolute joy to meet you all and esp Lyn who is indeed a very special lady for sure. The yard energy and horses are Beautiful 🦄 🌈you must all be so very proud of what you have & are creating , it truly is a Beautiful reflection of you all !!!” – Jo Fitzjohn