Practitioners Day: The Equine Touch & Equine ReWilding

ET EFL meet

“Great day on Saturday investing in myself and my development. Half a day of Equine Rewilding with Paintedhorse and their amazing herd of horses. Livvy and Georgie were great guides, creating a safe space and the opportunity for us to be with the horses in their natural environment. What a gift to have the chance to just be in the moment with the herd and allow what is within to emerge. Then half a day of Equine Touch with the brilliant Lyn Palmer who introduced us to the idea of a non invasive, holistic bodywork system which I can imagine would be a great benefit to the therapy herd. I was so interested in this I took myself off for a session of the human version (VHT) yesterday to see what it was like. My neck and back are definitely much looser today!  I love learning… about myself and ways to help others (people and animals!) Horses make great partners on the learning journey ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ What a fab day! Thank you all. Great rewilding taster, really got a lot from your wonderful herd. And loved the Equine Touch intro!” Xx – Nikki Millard

“Great to meet you yesterday and experience how you both work. You have both encouraged me to continue with my plans with my workshop. You have a beautiful herd and loved hearing their stories and the loving way you work with them. I’m looking forward to welcoming yourself and Liv to the forest to meet my boys.” – Maxine Smith

“Just wanted to say a Big Thank you to you all again for such a wonderful day yesterday !! It was an absolute joy to meet you all and esp Lyn who is indeed a very special lady for sure. The yard energy and horses are Beautiful 🦄 🌈you must all be so very proud of what you have & are creating , it truly is a Beautiful reflection of you all !!!” – Jo Fitzjohn

One to One Sessions:

“Amazing and beautiful day with Livvy and Georgie at Paintedhorse 💜 such incredible healing horses and a truly powerful experience. Loved sharing this wonderful day with my girl Charlotte ❤️  You’re both such an inspiration 💜 and so are your beautiful healing horses. Xxx can’t wait to visit again soon xxx”  – Jo Dutfield

Equine ReWilding Taster Sessions:

Equine ReWilding, Paintedhorse, EFL, EAL, EFP, Equine Therapy, Healing Herd

“Thank you so much for a lovely day today with your herd. It was such a treat to spend time just ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’.  Wishing you all the best with Paintedhorse at your lovely facilities.” – Sarah Paton Briggs.

“I really enjoyed the taster session. thank you xx” – Robyn Back

“Had such a lovely time with you all!” – Madeline Walker

“An amazing morning, today I learnt to face my fears and anything is possible. Thank you so much to Livvy and the team and the wonderful horses who are the healing herd xx” – Carole Lade

Join the Herd Mornings:

Meet the herd, Paintedhorse, Equine Therapy, counselling, Somerset

“Thank you so much for a lovely morning with the ponies x “- Andrea Fidgeon

The Healing Herd, Paintedhorse, Meet the herd, Glastonbury, Equine Therapy

Photo of Hope taken by Carole with the following testimonial:

“A lovely morning with the healing herd. Bless her, she was so relaxed she nodded off and fell over, but all good. Then onto Ham Wall for a walk round, a day like today makes you realise just how fortunate you are. Thanks Livvy and Georgie and of course the wonderful herd xx”