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Latest News:

6 Nov 2017: Logan had his second blood test to see how the Prascend drug had been working over the last 6 weeks and his result was 22. The upper limit for PPID being 48. Originally he was 178 on his first blood test. He has been taking 1 tablet a day since then, he now looks better in himself and is more active. The vet advises that Logan stay on one tablet a day for another 6 weeks and another blood test, then review the dosage. We have been lucky that Logan has still got an appetite so eating a tablet along with a feed has not been an issue. Logan was a bit withdrawn, lethargic and sweaty for a while after taking medication. We had to shave his coat off so he wasn’t wet going into the colder winter nights, and that seems to have improved his spirits immediately. Logan is now in a herd of four with Rio, Polly and Blossom and is so bright eyed. When the herd begins to trot or canter and Logan is in amongst them, active, it just melts your heart.

The Background:

Last month we found out that Logan was suffering with Equine Cushings/PPID and set up a Crowd fundraising page to raise money to help us fund some of his ongoing medication. We set a target of £200 which is about 3-6 months worth of medication depending on dosage which we will know more about after his next blood test. Sadly we have had a few issues actually getting money transferred from the Crowd fundraising page to our business account but should have it by early November. Our target was smashed in 3 weeks, which we were very overwhelmed by and wished to publicly thank those who dug deep and have kind hearts.  Thanks also to all those who sent healing to Logan by distance.  Thanks to those who have been donating since. If you don’t know about Logan and wish to catch up on his story see Living with a progressive illness and Equine Cushing’s Disease.  Any future fundraising for Logan that we do will now be though our website using Paypal – Support Us.

The Public Thank you:

Special thank you to the following lovely people for donating to Logan’s Appeal:

  • Martin Surrey £30 donation
  • Kirsty Down £10 donation – “It’s fab what you do and I hope Logan continues to get help with his treatment x”
  • Rachel Vincent £10 donation – “You guys do a fab job with all your ponies and it’s nice to see such kindness and love being shown! ❤️🐴”
  • Matthew Brady £50 donation
  • Neil Bradley £30 donation – “Keep up the good work :)”
  • Julie Chant £30 donation – ” “Hope this helps”
  • Suzzanna Barnes £40 – “This should seal the deal for Herr Logan. He’s come a long way already and can’t wait to see him soon. Wishing him well. 💗”
  • Stephanie Jones £20 donation

Another special thank you to Martha Walsh who visited recently to help clip off a lot of Logan’s hairy Cushing’s coat and is willing to continue to help us keep on top of it.

Latest Gallery shots:

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