Dance across the Rio Grande

Oh Rio, Rio…

Equine Therapy, EFL, ReWilding, Counselling, Paintedhorse, Somerset

Officially meet our newest boy Rio, who is 19, making him one of the eldest in the team along with Jac.  His bright big eyes and newly growing out mane make him look at lot younger though. As you can see he is beautiful bright bay like Danny, but with a big white blaze and 4 white socks. Rio was given to Paintedhorse by Claudia who is part of our extended team of practitioners. Claudia works hard at rehoming a lot of horses from various walks of life. Claudia spent the best part of a year building up Rio’s body condition and strengthening his legs, even now his back legs still need some exercising to build up his muscles as he currently looks a bit like a quarter horse. Rio is likely to be a Criollo cross thoroughbred and knows his way around a polo pitch.

At the moment Rio is in ‘the healing’ field being a good companion to Logan who has PPID/Cushing’s so needs a quieter pace of life out of the herd. They can both see the rest of the herd over the hedgerow and their field backs onto the arena so sometimes he gets visited by the little Dartmoors (Hope, Grace and Epona) when they have play time on the sand, Epona catches up with her buddy Logan and occasionally Gunner requests a brief visit to the boys field when he walks past on the way to and from his stable. Rio is similar to Gunner in that they are both true gents. Rio is friendly with horses and people, and in the first week of arriving was a great demo horse for Lyn Palmer’s The Equine Touch classes which in turn has helped his body balance itself. Rio is with no doubt the most vocal pony we have, he whinnies away to us and admittedly showing our age here, we end up singing Duran Duran’s 80’s classic Rio back at him.



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