Mandala’s and Ley Lines

Connecting to Nature and the energy of the Earth:

August has brought with it a theme of mandala’s and ley lines for us at Paintedhorse.  We have had some amazing people and groups visiting to experience our Equine ReWilding taster sessions. They have inspired us with their creativity of their mandalas and their ability to engage in ‘being’ not ‘doing’ – which our horses love. Almost as soon as mandalas are created by a group and acknowledged in some way, they are usually changed or destroyed immediately by one or several of the ponies or horses. The mandala represents a moment in time, a beautiful creation, here then gone. It gives a learning opportunity to its creators; a reflection on their resistance to accept that every thing changes and ends, and their ability to welcome or at least embrace one of life’s known certainties.

In Meare/Westhay we are situated near one of the two ancient lake villages that would have been present in Megalithic to Medieval times and we have two ley lines that pass through the land according to a map of ancient landscapes. Our ancestors would have used Geomantic principles to connect to the energy of the Earth to best place their dwellings, churches/religious structures and so on. This way of working has become of interest once again as eco-sustainability and energy are areas of concern, and most people, not just environmentalists, can see the value in working with the land not against it.

Glastonbury, Mandala, Equine ReWilding, Paintedhorse, EFL, EAL, EFP, Equine Therapy, Healing Herd

There is an ‘Earthing’ movement that is based around connecting people back to the Earth for vibrant health. Just 20 mins barefoot on the Earth each day can be very beneficial. For those who live in cities and high rise places there are inventions to allow your connection, and for those who have indoor cats, there are even Earthing mats.

We have always known clients have felt particularly calm after working with one of our horses, Jo Dutfield (medium/healer) picked up that he actually works with the divine feminine line when he decides to work with someone. Following his lead, and bringing in our Eco-ReWilding skills, we have certainly seen the value of working with the land in our work. We encourage our clients to sit or stand with the ancient energy lines to help ground themselves. Just ‘being’ in nature, connecting. We have found that there are some clients who have found it very difficult to just ‘be’ without direction from us, but they seem to have found the mandala’s a good way to look at bridging the gap from ‘doing’ to ‘being’. Sometimes the horses get involved and other times they allow people some space to work things out themselves.

Sharing Territory, Equine ReWilding, Paintedhorse, EFL, EAL, EFP, Equine Therapy, Healing Herd
Sometimes the horses have to put up with our sense of humour


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