The Magnificent Seven

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As some readers may recall, pony herd (Ulha, Grace and Hope) were flooded out earlier this year and consequently in temporary accommodation until things dried out a bit on the levels.  There was an addition to the herd with Welsh boy Jac in April and with that a move to a bigger location in Meare, Glastonbury.  The horse herd (Danny, Gunner and Prada) joined the ponies at the new location in June.

Jo Dutfield, Equine Therapy, Well being, Glastonbury, EFL, ReWilding, Animal Communication
Ulha, Hope and Grace get ready to take a seat

Not long afterwards Paintedhorse had a lovely and very informative visit from Jo Dutfield, a gifted medium who can communicate with animals.  Jo came to meet the herd for a chill out day, and the horses took it in turns to talk with her about various things.  At one stage several of the ponies took over the picnic area.  Jo confirmed that the herd has individual gifts and skills to help people with their emotional well-being, they each represent archetypes and different ancestors in bloodlines.  Since the visit, the herd has a much a stronger unity than before.  In ReWilding Bonanza their moment of heading into the meadow as a herd was captured.

Amongst other things Jo organises the Ilminister Positive Living group which promotes positive change by having inspirational speakers and workshops for those in the community and beyond.  Our very own Livvy will be doing a talk and workshop on 19th July at Horton Village hall, Horton, Ilminster starting at 1930hrs if you are interested please click on the link and let Jo know you are going.  Livvy will ask for 2 equine volunteers for the talk, it’ll be interesting to see who steps forward.

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