Welsh Boy Jac

Moving home and welcoming Jac to paintedhorse:

Jac a grey Welsh Cross pony with an Arab tail, big dark eyes and narrow shoulders has now joined the Paintedhorse herd.  Jac spelt the Welsh way, will be the only gelding for several more weeks until the big horses Danny, Gunner and Prada are moved to join them.  Jac has instantly bonded with Ulha who is more or less his height and size.  Herd positioning was sorted out overnight without much ado. Jac came from a position of moving everyones feet in his last herd, to having his feet moved by just Ulha in his new one. The curious and lovable Dartmoors Grace and Hope, have had mixed reactions from Jac. Grace the little firecracker was a good friend of Ulha’s and has now taken to mutual grooming him too, she doesn’t let height become any issue.  Gentle Hope keeps a bit more of a distance as she’s not been invited closer at the moment.  At 18 years old Jac is a veteran, so it was a surprise to find there was life in the old boy yet!

Thanks to Jen Bradburn for the featured image of Jac above.

Paintedhorse junier natural therapies equine therapy learnng healing
Jac meeting Ulha in their new field
Paintedhorse equine therapy learning somerset
The Dartmoors joining the herd
Paintedhorse Livvy Adams George McBurney Healing Herd Equine Therapy Learning Healing
Jac and Grace
Paintedhorse equine therapy learning healing
Jac and Ulha having a moment…
Paintedhorse equine capers
…and the kids walk in!

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