Logan: His time has come

Introducing lovable Logan to Paintedhorse:

When we moved to our new location in April, there were two ponies already there. Their then owner didn’t have the time needed for them and their health issues; we offered to buy them about a month later, naturally with the view of introducing them to our herd. We were due to launch our joint venture as a Community Interest Company around this time, but our marketing and administration time was instead spent on their rehabilitation which took longer than we anticipated.  However, 3 months on and we are very excited to be introducing them to the whole herd shortly, but first we would like to introduce one of these ponies to you.  Meet Logan, our wounded healer.

Equine ReWilding, Paintedhorse, EFL, EAL, EFP, Equine Therapy, Healing Herd
Logan, 10 year old, Gypsy cob

Logan was quite a misunderstood young man who came with a few warnings about behaviour and that it could be dangerous particularly in the stable.  We observed that he struck with his front feet before any other communication when he met the bigger members of our herd over the fence.  We knew then we would have to wait until his front shoes came off to limit any injuries to the others. In the mean time he would get to know us, his routine, what was expected of him and have time it takes to gain confidence/lose his fear (which we both felt was the issue with any aggression).

The dentist aged him as 12 and noted a few teeth receding due to his restricted grazing muzzle. We had already decided to remove this for a few reasons, communication and safety probably the main ones. Having a pink nose that had been in a black muzzle for a couple of years it was important he had sunblock on or a face mask with UV protection that covered his nose.  Our farrier had met him before at a riding school and warned us he was prone to laminitis and currently had seedy toe. He made remedial shoes for him and gave us some daily treatment to be painted on both sides. We decided to get him in a routine of living out 24/7, muzzle free, and some of that time was spent off the grass in the round pen with various environmental enrichment. We offered him herbs and essential oils, and picked various forage around the meadow to support his health and well-being.

Equine ReWilding, Paintedhorse, EFL, EAL, EFP, Equine Therapy, Healing HerdOur friend Jo Dutfield, a gifted medium and healer, came to visit and Logan told her a few things about his past which actually brought us all to tears.  He had the scars and the behaviour of a horse that had been through some trauma, but it was sad to hear his account of his life so far and as a result he didn’t much like people. He actually thought he was in the round pen to be bought for meat. Jo didn’t waste any time in telling him he was safe, that we just wanted him to be a horse, part of a bigger herd once we had his shoes off and got him feeling better.  Jo mentioned that later on, if he wanted, he could help people that had been through abuse and trauma like he had. He replied he would like that.

We had also been told Logan had Equine Metabolic Syndrome but had not seen any paperwork to support this. We spoke to our holistic vet, and she advised us accordingly and things are improving. Every time Logan walked his knees clicked, we wondered if this was connected to his story about being forced to jump but not having the body for that. Jo’s spirit guides had said his body was old before its time, and also informed us that Logan was suffering with a stomach ulcer caused emotionally. We tried gut balancers from Feedmark and thunderbrooks which improved his coat immediately (skin/hair condition being one of the first physical signs of emotional stress). We continued with herbs and oils, targeting the issues we had been informed about and painted his hooves daily.  Logan also has a bit of Equine Touch which is similar to Bowen for horses. Logan’s muscles around his bottom changed to look more like they should as he was moving around more, he also started to self select his own forage in the hedgerows and began to take breaks from eating grass as he began to believe he wouldn’t be starved.  He is now out on grass 24/7 and looking well in himself.

Equine ReWilding, Paintedhorse, EFL, EAL, EFP, Equine Therapy, Healing Herd
Logan’s hoof progress each month

It was nice to hear other people on the yard who knew him before we arrived, say that he was a very different horse now and that they could like him as they felt safer. We gave our visitors and clients the option of meeting him after their Equine ReWilding sessions, noone refused and only had positive comments to say about him. The lady pictured above wanted to take him home with her. Logan seemed to take the compliments in and now has a noticeable sparkle in his eyes.  We are so pleased that his shoes have finally come off today (see above), and that we are inviting Jo back this week to help us communicate with all the horses as they are introduced into the same territory.  We would like this to go as smoothly as possible for Logan particularly to keep his new found self-confidence.

If you are due to see us soon, you will now be seeing more of this beautiful big hearted chap who is already a firm favourite.


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