Essential Oil Therapy

Workshops for horse and dog owners:

Next month we have Georgie McBurney from Juniper Natural Therapies visiting to run 2 days of Essential Oil Therapy Workshops (for beginners) here at Paintedhorse, Glastonbury. The workshops will be held on Sat 4th March for Equine Owners and Sun 5th March for Dog Owners. Each workshop costs £80 and is complete in itself, but if you happen to have horses and dogs, and would like to do both days we are applying a 25% discount saving you £40.  If you are interested in booking a place please contact us.

Georgie has been working with essential oils, base oils, macerated oils, dried herbs and clays and animals for seven years when she first set up Juniper alongside her day job as a science teacher. George has a BSc (Hons) in Animal Science (Behaviour & Welfare) and has had the opportunity to work with a variety of wild and domestic animals.

George recalls one of her first case studies during training was a horse called Boycee who had been injured on barbed wire at the Horse Sanctuary she had volunteered at.  Noone else was there when she popped in.  Immediately she felt Boycee was asking her to come over to his field and when she got closer she realised why. His leg was bleeding and it looked as though he had cut it on some barbed wire. George ran back to the car to get her essential oils kit. Boycee who can be a bit unpredictable untied was happy to stand still over George inhaling the oils from her hand as she made up a clay dressing.  He relaxed, hung his head low and rested his back foot. She took a photo of the injury and sent it to the sanctuary owner who was on his way. Blood came through the first layer of clay, so she applied another coat over the top using the same theory she had been taught in the Army with first field dressings. The third coat finally stopped the bleeding.

Essential Oil Therapy Juniper Natural Therapies Paintedhorse Somerset Injury Herbs Zoopharmacognosy

“It was because of this case study”, George says “that I wanted to make sure when I teach workshops to owners that they come away knowing how to use the oils in common situations that can present themselves when you own animals. For example, I knew yarrow would stop bleeding, but I was faced with a cut to the top of the leg, a 5ml brown bottle of yarrow and gravity”. George taught the owner of the sanctuary how to make up the clay fresh and which oils to offer to inhale/lick and dried remedies to offer to help repair and boost the immune system. You can see the progress of the wound above.

As some of you may know, we have had our own injury at Paintedhorse with Gunner recently and a gate post. The vet was required in our case as it was a more serious wound and the puncture was close to the bone. Gunner has had a variety of complimentary treatments, alongside Essential Oil Therapy, he has been cold hosed, worn magnetic boots and had time with a massage pad on. He is making a speedy recovery and may go for a walk/ride this week.

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