Our Herd

The herd are a mixed group of twelve horses and ponies of all shapes and sizes, ages, breeds and requirements.  There are 7 mares and 5 geldings in total. In the order they appear in the photo and also the order they came into our lives: Danny, a Hannoverian cross (aged 19), Gunner (aged 19) and Prada (aged 11), both thoroughbreds; Hope and Grace, both Dartmoor Hill ponies (both 3), Ulha, a French Trotter-cross (aged 11), Jac, Welsh-Arab (aged 20), Epona, Dartmoor Hill Pony (aged 9), Logan, Gypsy cob (aged approx. 11-13), Rio, Criollo-cross thoroughbred (aged 20) and Blossom (aged 10) and Polly (aged 17) both Gypsy cobs. Grace is our smallest pony (approx. 10 hh or 1 meter high) and Gunner our tallest horse (16.3 or 1.7 meters). As you can see we have a lot of ‘painted horses’ – aka skewballs and pieballs, but also a red, three bays, two greys and a chocolate roan.

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Our horses are considered therapists in their own right, they have a lot of different gifts and wisdoms to share with people. When they are working they are generally at liberty so they are free to volunteer their services or not; and there is always learning to be had from a horse that walks away from you. As a counsellor or therapist would professionally consider self care, it is no different for our horses. They have time off without people around and there are a number of complementary therapies between us such as The Equine Touch, Reiki, Zoopharmacognosy, Essential Oil Therapy, crystal healing and sound therapy. They tend to ask for these therapies to shift anything they haven’t managed to themselves by being in a herd, running around, playing and rolling on the ground (Earthing themselves). These are all helpful additions in the pursuit of caring for and keeping our horses healthy, connected and ReWilded.

How did we end up with 12 horses/ponies at Paintedhorse?

We won’t say too much more about this wonderful herd, as its actually all part of the learning experience to come down and meet them yourselves.  Although you can keep up to date with all the equine news on our blog posts.


Frequently Asked Questions

Please note all our horses and ponies have a home with us for life.

With 12 in a herd we are now at full capacity and can not take any more equines. We are not a horse charity, sanctuary or rescue centre; we are a not-for-profit CIC designed to support people emotionally and mentally with help from our equine team.