Meet the Herd

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The Paintedhorse herd is a mixed herd of all shapes and sizes, ages, breeds and requirements.  There are 7 mares and 5 geldings. Gunner and Prada are thoroughbreds, Rio a Criollo-cross thoroughbred, Danny a Hanoverian cross, Jac a Welsh-Arab,  Ulha a French Trotter-cross, Logan, Blossom and Polly are Gypsy cobs, and Epona, Grace and Hope are Dartmoor Hillies.

Our horses are considered therapists in their own right, not just tools in a counsellors tool box. When they are working they are generally at liberty so they are free to volunteer their services or not; and there is always learning to be had from a horse that walks away from you. As a counsellor or therapist would professionally consider self care, it is no different for our horses. They have time off without people around. There are a number of complementary therapies between us such as The Equine Touch, Reiki, Zoopharmacognosy, Essential Oil Therapy, crystal healing and sound therapy which they ask for when they require it to shift anything they haven’t managed to themselves by being in a herd, running around, playing and rolling. We are lucky to be onsite with Lyn Palmer who teaches The Equine Touch which was known as Advanced Bowen for horses when it was first introduced to the UK. These are all helpful additions in the pursuit of caring for and keeping our horses healthy, connected and ReWilded.

How did we end up with 12 horses/ponies at Paintedhorse?

We won’t say too much more about this wonderful herd, as its actually all part of the learning experience to come down and meet them yourselves.  Although you can keep up to date with all the equine news on our blog posts and we currently have a regular feature in Horsemanship magazine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please note all our horses and ponies have a home with us for life.

With 12 in a herd we are now at full capacity and can not take any more equines. We are not a horse charity, sanctuary or rescue centre, we are a not for profit CIC designed to support people emotionally and mentally with use of our equine team.