Spring Forward

Event news

The Spring Equinox arrived, March became April, the clocks went forward and we have lighter evenings which helps us here. We are still very wet on the Somerset levels so the horses have not been allowed to get back on the land. Every dry day we have had so far seems to be followed by heavy rain. When the nation had snow, we had rain. That said, we did get hit by the ‘Beast from the East’ and for one day most liveries couldn’t make it in to the farm due to the road conditions. Water pipes were frozen on the yard and mobile home, carrots and water based feeds frozen and the yard duties became a little bit more challenging. The herd themselves got out in the arena and had a play as the snow began to fall. Days later we had defrosted and it continued to rain. Until we are back out on the land we are not able to run our Equine ReWilding events but will keep you posted on when that changes.

In the mean time we are holding ‘Meet the herd’ events, for those who just want to come along and meet them in the arena, stable or hay barn. Be warned, if you are local you may fall in love with the herd and end up as one of our volunteers to see them more often. We are looking forward to celebrating Beltane once again with the Priestesses of Cerridwen and are excited to team up with Carole Lade for her Mindfulness Course to provide Equine ReWilding for her group – so hopefully we are back out on the land by May.

A Forever Home


Jack and Lyn who own the farm we are located on have decided to sell up. So we are looking to relocate to our forever home. We are currently making enquiries locally in the Mendip or South Somerset areas for a suitable home for our business and herd of twelve. We are looking for 16-20 acres, with water and electricity. It would be a bonus if we had an arena or roundpen. We are considering long term rent and buying, but as a not-for-profit Community Interest Company the price has to be right. If you know of anywhere that may be suitable please get in touch and thanks to all those who are helping look or broadcast right now.

In the news

Our Equine ReWilding article was published in Equine Leadership Magazine which you can read online. We talk about our Equine and Eco ReWilding work  over the last year and we hope to meet Canadian author Linda J. Watson this summer.

Key4Life, Paintedhorse, Equine Therapy, Somerset

We are privileged to continue our work supporting charity Key4Life with Equine Therapy and were featured on BBC2 by Victoria Derbyshire on 9 April 2018. It is always such an inspiring experience to watch horses work with people, and the young men themselves are always polite and engaged in the work. We wish them all the best with their futures.

Horse Catch Up

Gunner has been dealing with sinusitis and is on antibiotics. It hasn’t got to his spirit though and he still remains beautifully charming with volunteers and our few visitors who have come to meet him. Danny was looking a bit ‘cabin fevered’ so he has moved out of the hay barn at night with the Dartmoors to next door to them. He now has the hay barn part with a view of the land which has helped his emotional well-being; he is a horse that needs a view. The babies, Grace and Hope have started to lose their baby teeth and still chew on most things at the moment. Epona has finally started working with Essential Oils and started to release some of her emotions linked to grief and her offspring. On a Meet the herd she unexpectedly came forward to work with a little girl who had lost her mother.

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Blossom has been diagnosed with seasonal laminitis and is on box rest for 4 weeks and on rationed hay. Polly has been coping without her shelter mate and teamed up with Rio. Jac and Gunner have made their introductions over the arena fence, Jac even got stuck in and gave Polly a groom. Rio has still got a swollen sheath but has started to come out of himself a bit more, we have caught him a few times having a kick and a buck whist running around the arena. Gunner makes him feel particularly welcome and Rio often stands with his old mate Logan. Loggie bear is doing well on his prascend tablet and seems to be enjoying life, we have to separate him from Jac now and again, as they like to play fight and it sometimes gets a bit too much for the bear. Scar faced Jac is then put in with Ulha who still prefers humans to horses and can’t be trusted in Logan or Rio’s company as yet. We have been told it may be another year before she releases the trauma her anger is caught up in. Epona and Ulha seem to have a silent understanding and friendship as warrior women, Ulha has attempted to groom Epona, but we are not quite there yet. Prada the beautiful elven horse who is often in another dimension, has got quite used to the home comforts of a stable at night and often chooses to go in instead of having a play in the arena before night time.

Practitioners and Volunteer Support Team

Thanks to Alyson, Jilly, Pip and Charlotte our regular volunteers who have helped with all the yard duties this winter. Your help has been invaluable. We welcome new volunteers Tania, Eve, Agneishka, Jo and Vikki who have popped in to help over the last month. Thanks to our extended team of practitioners Claudia, Nikki and Jo Fitzjohn. We are looking forward to working with Jeni Edge, Jo Hart and Lalita Powell on future events.

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