Calendar Fundraiser



We are looking for help from local businesses in and around Glastonbury to sponsor one of our calendar pages for 2018 and in return you get to solely advertise your business on a banner style advert at the bottom of the calendar page(s) you choose e.g. Jan – Dec, and there will be another acknowledgement from us on the back of our calendar.  It has been suggested most businesses would be willing to sponsor a page for around £30, therefore we have set our PayPal account at this amount.

For those who don’t know, we are a Community Interest Company in our first year of trading so you will also be helping us to get off the ground and help support people’s emotional and mental well-being with Equine Facilitated Learning and Psychotherapy, and Equine ReWilding. We have a wonderful herd of twelve horses and ponies who mostly work at liberty with people. It is interesting to see the horses and ponies sort out who wants to work or play with whom.  As a thank you for your sponsorship you would be invited to come and meet the herd on our open day and find out more about the work they do.

Fundraising Calendar Sponsorship

If you are a local Glastonbury business and wish to sponsor one of our calendar page(s) please click the PayPal button and contact us via website or phone to let us know which month(s) you would like and email your banner advert to For those interesting in buying a calendar, watch this space.


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